Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meat or Vegetarian?

In our house, we eat meat, but not every day.  On average, we eat meat about once a week.  It's a perfect compromise for my meat-lovin' husband.  But you may still wonder how in the world I am able to convince him to eat so many meals that do not contain meat.

When wanting family members to join you in healthier choices, my biggest piece of advice is to lead by example.  Forcing your health choices on your spouse will not go over well.  Never did I come into the house and declare that we would get rid of all meat products and I'd only be making vegetarian fare. That would make for one unhappy husband!  But gradually, I started making more vegetarian meals, and less meals that were centered around meat.  I also made sure to mix it up...feeding Sam (my husband) beans and rice every day would not end well.  And when something was clearly disliked (like a lentils and rice dish I made that I truly thought was a winner until everyone shared their disdain for it!)  I didn't make it for them again.  And of course, every once in awhile I add meat to the dishes.  I tend to add meat as a stretcher, and not as the main fare.  Meat ends up in stirfries, soups, or chilis.

I also didn't try to force my husband to eat any of the meals I made, but if there was something that he really didn't want, he always knows he can make himself something different, and if he wants something else bad enough, he will!

This is what has worked in my house.  So much so that the other day I tried a new recipe, lentil tacos, and Sam told me I could make that anytime.  Not gonna lie, I smiled a little to myself in that moment. ;)

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