Friday, September 14, 2012

Going Bananas

One of my favorite foods has and will always be bananas.  To me, they are the perfect food: easy to grab for a quick snack, a creamy base for smoothies, or a yummy lunch when paired with some nut butter.

To satisfy me banana cravings, I tend to go to the store for bananas every couple days.  Since I freeze a lot of bananas for things such as smoothies, or raw vegan pancakes,or soft-serve ice cream. I decided I should start buying these bananas in bulk.

You should have seen people's faces when I came up to the checkout with this:

I was asked by an employee if I was from Dairy Queen! ;)  Having my 3 little monkeys with me should have been proof enough that we needed a lot of bananas!

Anyways, I can't wait to turn these bananas into delicious treats such as this:

Green smoothie with bananas, frozen fruit, lots of spinach, and flax!  

My next thing I want to try with bananas is crepes made in the dehydrator.  Crepes with berries...yum! :)

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