Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to be a Smart yard sale Shopper

My husband and I LOVE yard sales.  To the point where we get giddy when Spring comes because we are dreaming of all the browsing of people's junk we soon get to take part in.  Here are some tips to make the most of your yard sale trips:

1. It's not a deal if you don't NEED it.  Just because it is cheap doesn't mean you should buy it.  If you buy a cd you will never listen to, or book you will read just because it was a steal, in the end you just wasted money if you will never use it!

2.  Haggle.  I am not really good at this one, but have done it once in awhile.  Most people who are holding yard sales just want to get rid of their junk.  If you are offering a reasonable amount, but lower than the price they are asking, most people will give you some sort of deal.

3.  Try it out.  If the item you are buying requires electricity, ask if there is a way you can plug it in before you buy it to make sure it works.

4.  Limit what you buy for your kids.  It's easy to hand over some cash to the kids for a purchase at a yard sale, and I encourage it!  It's cheap, and it can teach them how to figure out how much they can afford, etc.  But if you hit up a lot of yard sales like my husband and I, it's good to say no as well.  No child needs a bedroom full of stuffies, no matter HOW cheap they are. ;)  A few are adequate enough.

5.  Go Early.  Serious yard salers are out first thing in the morning to get the best stuff.

6.  Go Late.  So, if you go early you have a better chance of finding items you might be looking for but if you go late, you may score some awesome deals as the yard sale organizers are getting tired, ready to shut'er down, and most likely just going to take the rest of the stuff leftover to the thrift store.

7.  Bring Snacks.  You need to keep yourself nice and hydrated and full of energy while out.  And we all know the kids will get hungry.  Avoid wasting all the money you saved by eating out in a moment of hangry weakness.

What are your tips for successful yard saling?

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