Tuesday, March 18, 2014

20 Cheap or free Spring Activities

Spring is coming!  Although, if you live in Canada, like me, you may be doubting Spring will ever come this year.  You know, I used to pride myself on being a northern girl, but seriously, I can't take this cold anymore!  Not gonna lie, I wanna punch winter in the face.

Ah....plus one.  Does it even really exist?

Anyways, I am living on the dream that Spring WILL come.  And soon.  And after being inside for so long with the kids due to crazy cold such as the polar vortex this year, I am READY to get out.  So, what is family to do outdoors on the cheap?

1.  Go to the park.  This one NEVER gets old with kids.
2.  Have a picnic.
3.  Go hiking in a conservation area.
4.  Read a book to the kids outside on a blanket.  Or hide in a tree and read a book all by yourself. 
5.  Paint.  Yes, kids can paint indoors, but trust me, your stress level will stay relatively low if you save the painting activities for outdoors.  No more paint on your table, on your floor, etc.  It will still be on your kids, but hey, it's better than nothing.  Let the kids paint rocks for a new type of canvas.
6.  Fly kites.
7.  Ride bikes.
8.  Go on a scavenger hunt.
9.  Take a trip to the farmer's market.
10. Blow bubbles.
11. Go puddle jumping.  Seriously, put all your "that will be one big mess" thoughts aside and do this at least once.  Your kids will LOVE you for it.
12.  Make bird feeders.
13. Make a fairy house. Use or sticks or anything you can find.
14.  Play with sensory bins.  We do the sensory bins indoors in the winter and usually end up with pounds of lentils or dried beans on the floor.  Think of how less of a mess this would be outdoors!
15.  Collect rocks.  Bring them home and attach googly eyes to them.
16.  Climb a tree.  For the big kids of course, and maybe the parents too!
17.  Feed the ducks.
18.  Have a bonfire.  Roast marshmallows and bring your guitar to sing songs.
19.  Yarnbomb a tree in your yard.
20.  Draw with chalk.  Do some serious artwork on your front step.


Spring,  I can almost taste it!!

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