Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Day FAIL

So, if by chance you are still hanging around this blog, you would have noticed that I stopped blogging for the 31 days a bunch of days ago.

Yep.  There's a reason this post is titled "31 Day FAIL."

However, even though I failed at blogging for 31 days, I don't see it as failure.  When I started out attempting to take part in the 31 days, I was still shuffling back and forth in my mind into whether I wanted to run full force with a blog or not.  I didn't know if I wanted it to be a "job" for me.  I thought maybe I did.

Well, I discovered, I don't.  I prefer to blog for recreation.  I don't like the pressure on me to be blogging every day.

So, I will continue to blog.  But on my schedule.  Because frankly, I'm tired.  I'm busy with three beautiful munchkins, homeschooling, keeping up the house, being part of a church, crafting, and dreaming up some other future career ideas.  I will be here sharing as often as I am able, because let's be honest, I still have a lot to say. ;)

And for some very committed 31 Dayers, check out The Nester.

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