Saturday, July 27, 2013

The end of week one at Bible Camp

Wow!  What a week it has been!  I can't even sort out all that i am feeling.  I was a "camp" kid, growing up there myself, but have been away from it for over ten years.  It was amazing to be back in that setting.  The age group that came in this week is my favorite to work with, ages 10-12.

I found it harder this time around to watch the campers go home.  I am a mom now, and it breaks my heart that not every child is going home to a loving, stable environment.  I remember every time I came home from camp I cried my eyes out and counted the days until the next time I would be back.  It really was such a big part of my life.

Each day that I was here I kept hearing God speak to my heart saying "this is where you belong."  No, not in Manitoba, although I love it here at Turtle Mountain Bible Camp, but i also love my life back home with my friends and my church.  No, I could hear God speaking, saying, "your ministry is at camp."  Thankfully there are so many opportunities everywhere, and I know our church is heavily involved in Summer camps, so I already have an idea of where my future Summers may be heading.

It also has been a different experience not being the teen counsellor.  I am now the "old, married woman with three kids."  Turtle Mountain has amazing staff, very dedicated and mature teens from what I see.  But I also see, just like any teen their age, many are making life changing decisions such as post-secondary schools, careers, jobs, etc.  They are also looking for guidance while at camp.  I pray that God can use me in those areas too.

We are here for one more week, and than we are heading out to BC to take in the sights.  I am a little nervous about seeing a i don't want to let that fear hold me back from seeing mountains and oceans and who knows what else.

I climbed the wall!   Almost made it to the top, but not quite!

Tacky Tuesday 

Tommy the Turtle, here in Boissevain, MB

Micah doesn't waste time with utensils when it comes to chocolate cake!

My kids are going to have a hard time leaving, I see that already.  Some staff that they have already attached themselves to left this weekend, and they were sad to see them go.  But I know they can form these kinds of friendships at other camps too, and i look forward to watching that in action!

Alyssa's birthday is on Monday and she will be a camper for three days starting tomorrow.  She is so excited and I am close enough to see how she adjusts.  I am pretty sure my little social butterfly will do just fine though!

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  1. For the longest time when we were first looking for a church after we were married I would say " You know that feeling you have at camp? I want a church like that!!" Only a few get what I mean by that... sounds like you are one of those few! Jay and I helped run camps for a while when we were younger, I loved organizing the games and theme nights! Jay probably seriously suggests yearly that we buy a camp and devote our lives to that! So I am very excited for you and your calling!! Kai is off to pleasant bay camp this week, perhaps he will see you there next year!